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  • 100 Days Clean

    100 Days Clean

    Celebrating 100 days of sobriety is such a mile stone. At the beginning of this journey I couldn’t even imagine what this would’ve looked like for me. But here I sit. So many changes, so much restored and so many blessings. I have gone from living on the streets, living in the the depths of…

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  • Rescued


    How do I begin? Coming out of the fog of a life filled with addiction is a lot to process. Things have changed so dramatically in the past three months, only God, the God that is my higher power could do all these miracles in me. When I came to recovery I came from living…

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  • Chocolate Cake Emotions

    Chocolate Cake Emotions

    Life in recovery can be like living in a bubble sometimes. Everything outside stops while you relearn how to live sober. One of the relearned skills for me has been how to cope with feelings. As I’ve encounter the ups and downs of every emotion without drugs, I feel… How do I feel? Everything! I…

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  • 70 Days Sober

    70 Days Sober

    Today I mark number 70 days sober. Free from a drug that had me in it’s grip for nearly 5 years! I am so proud of this mile stone. I can’t explain the peace I am finding on this journey.

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